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The legend

There was a belief among the ethnic groups of Baja California that said; when QUIANA, supreme goddess of the seas and nature — represented by a Devil Ray, arrived at their land; they could finally know the world around them and would give them tools to evolve culturally to enjoy all the promised wealth. This was interpreted from rock paints, mainly from QUIANA, which was embodied on the walls inside caves located in the rocky mountains of Guadalupe and San Francisco.

It was not until a spring of the 16th century that wonder happened. A natural phenomenon unique to the region — known as the Coromuel, for the first time appeared on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. It is a supernatural wind current from the southwest, which was created by the goddess QUIANA to get out of the seas and fly. The Devil Ray looked majestic, her movements reflected the pure elegance of a deity. This mythological event occurred near the bay of La Paz, a place known for its beauty and natural wealth which in the future inhabitants adopted as “Isla del Espíritu Santo”. Along the ascendance, QUIANA was carrying a big boat; holding it from bow to stern, and port to starboard, hanging from the tip of her wings. She then placed the boat inside a marina in La Paz, Baja California Sur. This was her gift to the tribes to fulfill their desire of joy to venture themselves along the turquoise waters and the white sands of the beaches that make up their kingdom.

This milestone marked the future of Californian culture, giving birth to a new way of thinking. The ship was baptized and earned the name of EL DON (The Gift), result of the grace given by the goddess QUIANA to all their faithful followers. The future of the ethnic groups began to be forged, and the adventures to discover the world started by navigating aboard El Don towards the heavenly islands of the Sea of Cortez. The white sands of the beaches that are flooded by crystalline waters give the impression of being turquoise; the beauty of its coves hidden between mountains of the Espíritu Santo, San Francisquito and San Jose islands, especially Ensenada Grande and Candelero; the abundant and diverse marine life that offers a wonderful scene; the blessed fishing that brings the most precious, exotic fish and seafood for their texture, freshness and exquisite flavor, prepared by the expert hands of the chef on board, placed on the table. That is only a few of what is still being appreciated and enjoyed in the “Aquarium of the World”, place that until these days is still guarded by its goddess. The whole place is magical, many times we can feel the presence of QUIANA when on the horizon we see the most famous manta rays of the Sea of Cortez jumping with joy, the Munk´s Devil Rays.

Juan Pablo Félix Miranda CEO
munk's devil ray
Photo by Octavio Aburto
munk's devil ray
Ray sculpture, La Paz.

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